Smidge Morning Magnesium (used to be Wake Up Maggie) / おはようマギー カプセル 120ct

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Balanced magnesium powder blend with Boron

Wake Up Maggie™ 120ct

120 Veggie CapsServing Size: 4 capsules | Servings Per Container: 30

A balanced magnesium orotate powder blend with Boron that’s easy on the digestive tract.

Essential for multiple biochemical interactions where the body requires magnesium to not only function, but thrive. 

Sometimes supplementing with magnesium can be difficult on your digestive tract. Wake Up Maggie’s balanced mix (orotate, taurate and malate) including Boron necessary for proper magnesium absorption. This product provides all of magnesium’s benefits –without any digestive discomfort.

Boron is:

  • essential for the growth and maintenance of bone;
  • greatly improves wound healing;
  • beneficially impacts the body’s use of estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D
  • boosts magnesium absorption

 Magnesium with Boron together will boost your bone health!

  • Combines three different kinds of magnesium (magnesium orotate, magnesium taurate and magnesium malate) in equal (elemental) amounts. This balanced mix of magnesium maximizes the benefits and minimizes potential problems associated with taking too much of one type of magnesium.*
  • Includes the element boron (as bororganic glycine), shown to help with magnesium absorption and the maintenance of strong bones.
  • Gives you 200 mg of magnesium and 1.5 mg boron with every serving (4 capsules) along with taurine, malic acid and orotic acid.
  • Contains only the purest, highest quality forms of magnesium available – and nothing else. No fillers, excipients, artificial colors or flavors.
  • Is free of common allergens; does not contain milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat/gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, yeast or soy.
  • With a neutral flavor, can be mixed with any drink – hot or cold. Great for morning smoothies!
  • For best results, we recommend using Wake Up Maggie™ in the morning and  our bedtime magnesium supplement,Good Night Maggie, in the evening.

Ingredients: Magnesium 200mg (as magnesium malate, magnesium taurinate, magnesium orotate), Boron (as bororganic glycine) 1.5 mg.

Suggested Usage:Take 4 capsules, 1 to 2 times daily, or as directed by physician. 

Storage: Product does not require refrigeration. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light.