Dropi Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil/ドロッピ エクストラバージンタラの肝油120カプセル

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raw & handcrafted from Iceland's oldest fishing community with the way established 1000 years ago

Dropi Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (Capsule)

 120 Softgels| Serving Size: 4 Softgels30 Servings
  • HEART HEALTH, JOINT, SKIN AND BRAIN – Taking a quality cod liver oil like Dropi every day has many health benefits and may reduce joint pain, heart disease risk and inflammation. It may provide strong support to the immune system due to natural vitamin A, D and Omega-3, including EPA and DHA. All vitamins and Omega are preserved during manufacturing. Daily serving of one teaspoon (5 ml) gives 350 mg EPA and 450 mg DHA.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND THIRD PARTY TESTING – We hold ourselves to highest of standards and our facility is GMP/HACCP certified. All batches are tested for contaminants by third party. No chemicals, no mercury or other heavy metals. Non-GMO, gluten- and sugar-free. No synthetic vitamins added, only organic antioxidant to preserve the oil.
  • SUSTAINABILITY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY – We only source the highest quality Atlantic cod off the coast of Iceland, one of the purest fishing grounds in the world, while having a certificate for Responsible fisheries. Dropi is produced in a facility using green renewable energy in an industrial-free zone.
  • SILKY SMOOTH TASTE – We only use fresh cod liver and we cold process the oil. The result is a smooth taste of fish. For those not wanting smooth taste of fish, we have organic fennel taste for sweet, anise-like flavor, or organic ginger taste with fresh citrus aftertaste.

Cod liver oil is recommended by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, who has created GAPS Nutritional Therapy and has worked on improving the symptoms of many children in the world with developmental disability, learning disability, emotional disability such as autism. She spares ten full pages in her book "Gut and Psychology Syndrome", to emphasize how important cod liver oil is for improving these symptoms in children. – Makiko Oka-Castro, CGP, CNC