Recommended Foods

Currently this page is in English only. Also some of  those makers and stores can be accessed  by people living within US only. Some of the producers sell their products at .

Please spend some time to research and study  all the products you need for you and your family to heal better.  Guideline for shopping will be posted on this website in a few months.  Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.



Camargue French Salt

Celtic salt

Nazuna (For Japanese living in Japan)


Cooking Oil:

Olive Oil and Toasted Sesame Oil are not for cooking. For cooking some animal fat like butter, Ghee, lard… are the better choice. Please check also Butter and Ghee.

La Tourangelle

Carabella Olive Oil


Soy Products:

Miso, Soy sauce, Dry-Koji (They do not deliver between the end of May till middle of

September for the quality control.  Their miso is the best miso you can

buy in US. I recommend Three Years Barley Miso.)

Natto,  Sake -kasu, Shio-Koji (They do not have any information in English. And if you want to contact please email them at )




Pastured meat:


Craft Butchery (Westport,CT)


Organic  Raw Nuts:


Cow’s Milk and Dairy:

You need to make your own more than 24 hours fermented home made yogurt.

However you need a good milk and yogurt as yogurt starter.

See SAFE DAIRY in Healing Tips of this website, for how to make your healthiest yogurt.

Tonjes Farm Dairy

RonnyBrook farm

Hawthorne valley


Raw Milk

(We can not buy raw milk in NY or NJ because of law. You can go to Pennsylvania or Connecticut. Below are where my clients go.)

Birchwood Dairy

All the raw milk products – Milk, Heavy Cream,Yogurt(more that 24 hours fermented), Kefir, Cheese. Please call and reserve those products as you need before you go. If you do not, they may not have enough for you. Also even you reserve, if you go late on a day, they may not have a product for you too. Also, Please take a look of the video – interview with the owner, Mike! Part1 & Part2 in English or Translated in Japanese パート1&パート2


The Yogurt Maker

You can buy it from any brand you like.  And just make sure that the yogurt maker does not have a timer because according to my research, a longest timer is till only 15hours. If you want to ferment longer than 24 hours, any timer is inconvenient.


Eggs, Cheese, Butter:

Millport Dairy



Considerbardwell Farm

Cato Corner Farm


Goat Milk and Dairy :

( You can make homemade yogurt as same as cow’s milk, and

actually goat milk dairy can be much gentler for

those who has leaky gut syndrome.)

Lynnhaven   Email to or call

845-744-6089 or they are at Union Sq Green market on Saturdays.



Ghee is like a butter without casein and lactose. This maker is recommended by Weston A. Price Foundation. Pure Indian Food