Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

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Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar is so easy to make. I could not believe it!
What you need is only organic apples and water.

Cut 5 apples into small pieces and wait till their surface become brown.

Put the apples and water (make sure the water is not chlorinated, If necessary, please use a bottled water) into a large mason Jar.

Cover the top with a paper towel. Make some holes on the paper towel. So the apple cider can breath.  

For the first  one week or so, you need to mix it entirely up & down.  You may want to skim some brown, white or grey scum come up on the top. There will be something called vinegar ” mother”.  Do not worry and just keep let it float.


All the apples go down to the bottom and the top start to change it’s color to a clear brownish vinegar color  and also smell like a vinegar! I like to ferment at least for 3 months or longer. And if you make a lot of vinegar, you do not use all of them at once. So you can leave it and continue fermenting till you like to stop.

You can also store away in a glass bottle like the one in photo.


This is fermented for 3months.

This one is fermented for 6 months. You can see the brownish color is even darker.

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