Sauerkraut with Shio-koji or without

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If you have Shio-koji, this is much easier to make sauerkraut.

1 cabbage , cored and shredded

8 once Shio-Koji (See the recipe)  ( If you do not have shio-koji, the sea salt is good enough to make sauerkraut.)

2-3  tablespoon Sea Salt depending of your taste

Put all the ingredients into a big bowl or pickling jar.  A metal bowl is not good for pickling. Mix everything and mush and massage till the cabbage juice comes out.

Put a weight on the top so that the entire cabbage is completely covered by the juice if you need you can add some water ( make sure they are mixed well all together.)  If a piece of cabbage is above the juice, entire pickles  maybe spoiled.  However during the process if you find a mold on the surface, you may still rescue the rest of sauerkraut by skimming and cleaning the molded surface.

Cover ( make sure the mixture can breath because they need release gas.) And keep the jar at room temperature for 1~2 weeks till the cabbages are thoroughly fermented.

Then move the saurkuraut into a glass jar and cover the lid, and put  into refrigerator. You can eat them soon. But aging make mild and better taste.

Especially for GAPS people, make sure the sauerkraut is fermented thoroughly.

The juice produced by the fermentation is great for your health. So do not waste. You can keep the juice in a separated glass jar after you eat the sauerkraut. You can drink just 1 or 2 table spoon as remedy for when you have a bad digestion or sick. Or you can drink for your forever beauty and youth.

While you are having diarrhea, stop eating the sauerkraut or the juice. But after diarrhea stop, then this is a great remedy for your probiotic healing.



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