Turnip Soup

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I would like to show you today one of my favorite soup recipes, turnip soup.  Turnip is a winter vegetable, so you can purchase delicious and nutritious ones in this cold season, and the tasty soup will warm you up.


(Please adjust the amount of ingredients depending on the soup amount you want to make.)

Cut turnips into quarters and place them in steamer or pressure cooker.  Steam until the turnip gets cooked.  (Please be careful not to steam them too much.) 

Place the turnip in blender or food processor with adequate amount of chicken stock made from organic naturally-raised chicken (do NOT use the commercial ready-made stock!  They are almost pure MSG and very dangerous as I have been repeatedly mentioning in my blog posts).  Turn the processor on to make it creamy.  Strain with strainer and simmer the smooth soup in pan (do not let it boil).  Add preferred amount of sea salt and black pepper, and remove from the heat.  Add some home-made crème fraiche and mix it lightly.

Lastly, add a bit of dried mint.  Now enjoy the gentle body- and heart-warming soup!


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